- GLOBIA Network
GLOBIA (Global Business Investors Alliance)
It is a primary network concept born and built for allying, pooling, and optimizing  investors, resources, to a diversified gamma of investing proposals on top trading deals and growing trends on emerging markets.

Activate a global network with proper capitalization, a top know how and cutting edge technologies in order to catch the best opportunities on investments, trade and business development among emerging countries, development countries ( resource suppliers ) and western high-tech economies.

Priorities and Opportunities
Due to our business relations, we have in place several commodities deal facilities endorsed by local governments, as first step to move in order to activate properly all the mechanism. The medium term goal on this process is to stay in control of all the trade chain, from the producer/manufacturer to the logistic platforms up to the end buyers market. (ask for the dedicated Globia gold plan at info@globianetwork.com )

Collaterals and assets monetizations
Via our already in place contacts we are able to act on 100% granted collaterals ( BGs - SBLCs ) issuing and monetizing system in order to manage properly our activity on trade, investments and related development activities.

GLOBIA Network & Partners Services
- Gold / Precious Metals & Stones trading
- Oil & Derivates / Gas trading
- BGS & Collaterals (Provider & Monetizer)
- Mines Development (Bonds issuing, rating and
  go to market)
- Projects Financing
- Projects Promoting
- Assets Leveraging
- IPO & Pre-market evalutations & spin process
- Dedicated investment plans for investors
  (Equity - Hedge Funds - Family offices - Investment Banks)

Investors Proposal Typologies
SPECULATIVE - 12 Months Investment (Renewable)
CONSERVATIVE - 24 to 60 Months
VENTURE - 36 to 60 Months
COUNTRY SPECIALIST - 24 to 60 Months
ONE SHOT - 12 to 60 Months
ALL AROUND - 36 to 60 Months

Size of the investments: 5 to 500 millions EUR / USD

Main Sectors of Interest
- Commodities
- Home Residential
- Waste Co-Generation
- Hospital
- Mines & Metals
- Oil & Gas
- Port Logistic
- Green Energy
- Agro Industrial
- Telecom
- Roads and Railways
- Software & Multimedia

Main Countries of Interest
Argentina, Brazil, China, Croatia, Dubai, Egypt, Ghana and ECOWASS countries, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Laos, Lybia, Morocco, Russia and C.I.S. Countries, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, UAE, UK

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